Caroline Gordon-Elliott graduated from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in drama and political science. She immediately hopped into her hand-me-down Honda and left her NYC childhood home to drive across the country to Los Angeles (with a hot guy she fortunately broke up with shortly after) to fulfill her mother's dream of being cast as Julia Roberts' younger sister (in some movie that was probably never going to be written.) After auditioning for the Power Rangers, Gigli, and starring in a movie that was supposed to be the next big thing, but that never left the edit bay (but that fortunately gave her a SAG card, which offered expensive legitimacy and free DVDs every awards season) she decided it was time she started writing her own stuff. 
She wrote and co-produced her first play, 4 Girls from Vassar, which was, in fact, starring 4 girls from Vassar. LA Weekly thought Caroline was attractive, which meant a lot to her ego, but also thought she was funny and smart, which really helped her ego. She went on to write two more plays, which also rocked, to which LA Weekly did not mention Caroline's attractiveness, but did say that her wit was razor sharp, which was just fine for her. She started writing screenplays, and after learning how to not write bad ones anymore, she decided screenwriting was where she truly wanted to starve as an artist. 

Realizing that she also needed to pay rent, Caroline got a job as an associate story producer on the short-lived, cult “classic” reality TV series “Love is in the Heir” on E! Entertainment. She then co-founded The Monkey Box, a sketch comedy show on the Internet that gained over 5-million views, which she both performed in and wrote for. She wrote such sketches as “Extreme Make-Over: HomeLESS Edition” and played a “sexy” phone sex nerd in the hit video “1-900-NERD-GIRL.”, which garnered over 3-million views. 

Caroline returned to the East Coast where started her company, the Writers and Actors Group, in which she coaches writers in screenwriting, and actors in acting. Thanks to the national shutdown, her coaching has moved online, and so welcomed actors and writers from around the world. 
Caroline lives in New York with her three little girls, a husband, a dog, five (pet) rats, and ten(ish) fish. 


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