Script Notes & Story Develoment

For works in progress, or finished material, I offer overall script notes on structure, character development, and plot. I don't just let writers know what needs fixing- I provide solutions to their problems. Add Margin Notes to have your script annotated for formatting issues, dialogue, typos, grammar, and specific editing needs. Add a 60-minute 1-on-1session with Caroline to review her notes, get inspired, and find solutions.

For writers still trying to build their story, or who need help fixing something that feels broken, I help my clients formulate their ideas into a solid and compelling story. I'm skilled at seeing through the blocks they have and in providing creative ideas and inspiration. And for newer screenwriters, I also teach the technical skills they need to make them better writers. I don't just let them know their idea needs fixing- I provide solutions to their story's problems.

Sticky Notes

Story Development

Talk with Caroline 1-on-1 for inspiration and guidance in developing your story.

Checking Text on a Document

Story Notes

Get Caroline's written notes on your material, including suggestions for problem areas.


Creativity Coaching

We'll work together to build your story from the ground up, or I'll help you reconstruct what feels broken.