PTA-Holes (comedy)
When Brooklyn PTA moms start dropping dead, the new mom in town has to risk her life in order to save her school.
Old Girls (comedy)
Approaching their 40th birthdays, three washed up, former prom queens, head to Texas to try out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, 20 years too late.
Life's Book of Instructions (comedy)
A 30-something loser, who lives in his parents' basement, finds the book with the instructions for life, and finally has the key to unlock the secrets behind getting fame, fortune, and the woman of his dreams. 
Girls' Night Out (comedy)
Three Jersey housewives hit New York City for a night of debauchery and freedom. But an accidental murder forces them into performing dangerous, lewd, and heroic acts in order to get home safely. 

The Swap (comedy)
When a pregnant and burdened stay-at-home mom and her underachieving, penny-stock broker husband magically swap bodies, they have to figure out how to survive in each other’s roles and switch back before he goes into labor.