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Are You a "Sell-Out" or a "Savvy Business Person"?

I was driving on the highway yesterday, when a bizarre thought came to me: How badly would I need money to drive a promotional van around town with "Hitler for President" on it?

Of course, this is an extreme example, and obviously, my answer came to me pretty quickly. But what if the ethical choice of your real life example isn't quite as clearly defined?

A few hours later, I had a phone call with a couple of producers about one of my scripts. They were considering it for their roster of projects to develop.

But during the call, I learned about their collaboration with a company I don't support. Their collaboration is for the purpose of producing films with a certain agenda. I don't completely disagree with the sentiment behind their agenda, but I don't support the people they're collaborating with.

I spoke with a friend, who was in the film industry, and I admitted that I considered working with these people for about a second and a half. She said, "Of course you did! It's an opportunity! We're always hustling." And then she said what I already knew in my heart, and that was, "But it's a hard pass." I agreed.

What adjustments should you be willing to make to your moral compass in order to get a career in this business? I guess the answer is one that only you know.

Desperation rarely yields positive results. So don't take something because you think it's the only thing out there. Don't marry some dude because he's single and willing. Don't buy that donut because it's on sale. And don't take a job because you think it's the only opportunity you'll be given. There are plenty of producers out there.

Keep the hustle, keep your ethics, and don't eat old donuts.

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28 thg 6, 2022

It's a dilemma for sure. But when you make the right decision you get to keep your ethics, morals, integrity, pride, prestige and most importantly, your conscience. No amount of money, fame, or celebrity can compare to those things.

And if you can, make your own donuts.

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