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Script Readings
with the Writers & Actors Group

Our team of actors reads aloud our writers' scripts from start to finish.

What is WAG?

What is the Writers & Actors Group?

Caroline founded the Writers & Actors Group in NYC in 2013 as a place where writers can develop their scripts by hearing actors read their work, and actors can strengthen their cold reading skills. Everyone is then welcome to give feedback to the writer.

Everyone learns something and everyone wins.

The Writers & Actors Group is now workshopping scripts, start to finish, in one session!

Join us as a writer, an actor, or a gallery member.

How does it work?

  1. Once a writer with a completed script fills out the form for writers below, Caroline responds shortly after to schedule their reading. Together they'll find a day and time that works best.

  2. The writer will then give Caroline a complete list of characters, including any necessary descriptors, as well as combining smaller roles. Caroline then checks out her list of "to-call" actors and reaches out to the ones most suitable for the needed parts.

  3. A day or two in advance, the actors will receive the script so they can prepare.

  4. At the reading, actors will use their given scripts to read the roles aloud while the writer, and any "gallery members" watch and listen. After the reading, everyone is welcome to join in on giving constructive critique to the writer.

  5. Actors join us free of charge. Feature, TV, webisode, and stage plays welcome.

How Does It Work?

frequently asked questions

Who can come?

Writers and actors and people who want to be writers and actors.


When does it happen?

Readings occur as often as writers sign up to workshop their scripts. Date and time of a reading is decided based on the writer's schedule.

Where is it held?

On Zoom.

Do I have to have experience as an actor?

Not necessarily. While we want to get the strongest actors possible to fill the roles, we also know that talent doesn't always come with a lengthy resume.

What types of scripts are allowed?

Features, short films, TV pilots, webisodes, and stage plays.

How much does it cost?

For actors, it's free.

For gallery members, it's $20.

For writers, it's $250 for scripts under 30 pages (<7,500 words), $270 for under 60 pages (<15,000 words) and $290 for under 130 pages (<30,000 words.)

Writers who have workshopped their script with the Weekly Writers Workshop get 20% off.


What is a "gallery member"?

A gallery member is someone who wants to listen to the reading, but doesn't want to act in any of the roles. Gallery members are welcome to join the feedback after the reading. Make sure you're on the mailing list so you find out when the next reading is.

How do actors sign up?

Sign up for our to-call list below, and we'll email you when a role comes up that's right for you.

How do I sign up to workshop a script?

Fill out the Workshop Your Stuff form below, and attach your script. Caroline will give it a quick look, and get back to you with the next steps in scheduling your workshop. 

What if I have more questions?


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for the writer...

Workshop your stuff

We'll review your script, and contact you to pick a date for your workshop.

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