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one day
Sketch Comedy

Learn to write and perform sketch comedy on theJuneteenth holiday!


With Caroline Gordon-Elliott,
Writer & Coach

Caroline teaches this fun, friendly, and hilarious 1-day course for kids in Grades 5-12 in Dobbs Ferry, NY. A former sketch comedy writer and performer, she loves helping kids pursue their love for writing comedy.


After analyzing popular sketches on TV to see what works, and what doesn't, writers and actors in Grades 5-12 write their own sketches and cast their fellow students. This is a supportive, non-judgmental environment to write from your gut and perform without self-consciousness. The day ends with filmed performances of all the sketches to share with family and friends.

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put it on paper


Using the knowledge they gain in this class, and brainstorming with other writers, students will create original sketches, using various comedic elements, including structure and timing.

put it on its feet


Cast and direct your actors, and watch your words come to life! Rehearsing is also a great way to see what's missing in your script, so you'll also have the opportunity to revise it during the process.

Let go of the results


Memorize your lines, take the direction you've been given, and get up on stage in GaragePod's fun and playful space to perform your fellow writers' sketches for the class. Act like you don't care who's watching.



A safe space to let your creativity flow, and encouragement to believe in yourself as a writer and performer.


Acting tips for maximum funniness. 


Lessons on scene structure.

Inspiration to help you think outside the box.


Improv skills and training to loosen up creative muscles.

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