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9-Week Screenwriters Workshop

Write that script.


With Caroline Gordon-Elliott,
Writer & Coach

A skilled writer and story coach, Caroline teaches this supportive and enriching 9-week course, available in-person and online. Get ready to write your screenplay and become the writer you're meant to be!


Writers who have never written a screenplay and writers who have written award-worthy scripts are welcome in this 9-week workshop. It's about getting you to write, supporting you as you develop your script, and helping you strengthen weak spots along the way.

Boy with Type Machine

Every week, writers will bring in their scenes and get:


Hands-on training

Noting a scene's missteps and achievements, Caroline will give the writer guidance that will improve everyone's writing.


Get ready to get ideas!

If writers are feeling blocked or stuck, Caroline will offer suggestions and inspiration to get their scripts back on the road.


Time to get to work.

Everyone will bring pages every week. And while you'll be able to write at your own pace, you'll be encouraged (and supported!) to keep writing.

autobiography film writing.jpeg


Screenwriting tips to help you become a stronger writer.


Suggestions for character development.


Lessons on story structure.


Inspiration to help you out of any creative blocks you have.


Advice on pitching your script, and getting it out there.

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