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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Don't compare your career to someone else's. Don't compare your talent to someone else's. And don't compare your life to someone else's. Why? Because it's a dumb thing to do.

Don't get me wrong- I do it plenty. But I'm dumb for doing it. Why is it dumb? Because it doesn't only waste energy that I should be using to build my career, hone my talent, and live my best life, but it stops me from enjoying each day.

Some of you might be getting your fur all ruffled, thinking, "But comparison can be good because it makes us push ourselves harder!" No. Goals make you push yourself harder, not comparing yourself to other people.

Gawking at that gorgeous nordic family as they walk down the street with their white-blonde-haired kids and the beautiful model-esque parents, is not going to get you married and pregnant any time sooner.

Getting mad that the lunatic you met in that writing class, who couldn't identify a protagonist with a fucking microscope, just got a staff writing job on a new HBO series, doesn't get you paid any time sooner.

And getting sad that those super athletic kids in gym class keep snatching and running away with the damn flag and you can barely get your hands on it, let alone capture it, won't make you any more talented at playing Capture the Flag.

But more important than building your talent, your career, or improving the facts of your life, is feeling joy today. Capture the Flag is supposed to be fun! That writer's job on the TV show was never meant for you. And that hot family? He's obnoxiously anal about keeping everything clean, and she cries in the closet. I promise you.

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Cybil Lake
Cybil Lake
14 sept 2022

you're so funny!

Me gusta
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