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Follow that Spark Under Your Butt

Julie Powell became a published writer by tasking herself with the self-inflicted challenge of

cooking every recipe in Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year while blogging about it.

Julie Powell was working a desperately depressing day job while trying to make a career as a writer when she chose to take on this extra-curricular pursuit because- wait for it- she wanted to. Writing and cooking sparked her imagination and her joy. She loved to cook and she loved to write. So she did what she loved: she wrote about cooking.

I've had this little dream for years now to watch a different Oscar winner every Friday night until I've watched them all. Oscar Night is one of my favorite nights of the year; not because I believe that the Academy Awards are really all that valid or trustworthy of actually choosing the best of anything, but because I love the tradition, the fanfare, and the pomp. I love the pomp. I love movies, and I love writing. The idea of watching every one of those movies sparks joy in me. And writing about the experience sparks my excitement even more.

In honor of Julie Powell, who inspired writers, chefs, and creatives everywhere, and who passed away last month at just a few years older than I am now, I think I'm going to take on the challenge. I want to dig into the world of the Oscar winner, and report back to you what I discover.

So if you have a little fantasy to explore something that lights a tiny fire under your butt, whether it be Oscar winners, the Galapagos, or the earthworms in your backyard, put on your spelunking goggles, and let's explore together.

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1 Comment

Cybil Lake
Cybil Lake
Nov 28, 2022

Yes -- Really wonderful reminder of why we do things in the first place ;-)

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