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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Have you ever decided to make a change in your life like "I'm going to start exercising," or "I'm going to be a better parent," or "I'm going to train to be a lion tamer!" and you find yourself trying to do everything perfectly? For many of us, when we try to make a change in our lives, we go full throttle: "I'm going to go running 4 days a week, do yoga 2 days a week, and hiking 1 day a week. I'm going to do it at 3:00am and if I miss a day, that obviously means I'm a complete failure and I should never try to do anything good for myself ever again."


I have a confession to make: I don't floss every day. Drinking the minimum suggested amount of water a day is very difficult for me. I also don't always stretch after I exercise. I only remember two out of four nights of the week to make my 2nd grader do her homework. I'll see a piece of scrap paper on my living room floor, and I'll walk by it... for two days. I don't wash my windows. When I paint a wall, I don't always put plastic down everywhere. I grind my teeth, and I don't wear a mouth guard at night. Sometimes I throw paper and plastic in the garbage can because I just can't deal.